Thursday, August 4, 2011

I have not been taking the time to record my great finds and this is only a smidgeon. In fact, I got some stuff today but haven't taken photos yet.

This is a Goodwill find. I thought it was a bit too much since the horn is already broken but I collect these sachets and this is very unusual. I sort of wondered if it was a tree ornament but they usually aren't made to include potpourri. I need to clean it up and I will probably find a way to either round off the horn or completely remove it. I have several others in the usual round or egg shape that I haven't cleaned up for display. Goodwill prices their stuff so badly. Most of it is way overpriced.

But speaking of overpriced, I was in Big Lots this evening, the first time in a long time and everything I saw that I was familiar with at Walmart, cost MORE than Walmart! It's not like they get that great of quality stuff.

I think I got this rabbit doll at Goodwill too. I think it's adorable. I don't know if it has any usefulness - I think it's too hard for a pincushion and it is not all that stable standing. Great inspiration though.

This was a Hobby Lobby "find" a month or so ago. They had a lot of home decor that was 90% off. I absolutely love this! It's hanging on the wall of my non-decorated studio. Hopefully I will get to repaint and rennovate this room within the next year.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I can't seem to remember or take the time to put my lucky finds here. I probably buy something every week or two but immediately put them somewhere and then forget. I have several pretty little plates in the kitchen waiting for me to decide how I will use them!

I got this last week at a little thrift shop undergoing rennovation again. They've moved everything around more than once but this time it was a major change and I see lots of things gone that have been there - categories of things, not just the actual thing. I'm not sure exactly what this is. It has a clasp - so is it a purse or compact frame? The clasp is not loose so it doesn't dangle open when you pick it up. Only $1.00

This is how it looks opened up with the outside up.

Here it is open with the inside up. I found some great metallic paint by Krylon - anyway the person's blog had several projects over time that they'd used it on - and I plan to paint this. I'm not sure what to do about the hinge. It's not screwed in. It looks to be riveted. I don't plan to "use" this so maybe it won't matter but I'll surely open and shut it from time to time so the paint will likely scrape off. I wonder if I apply some kind of wax on the clasp and the hinge after the paint cures, if that will make a difference?

I don't have a lot of readers here, but if anyone has an idea about that, please feel free to comment!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I really had to zip around this morning to get these off my camera and onto here. So much never gets recorded! I got a beautiful casserole dish and a lovely square tin too but didn't take the time to put them here.

This is a thrift store that I hit off and on. They've had several "collector" dolls in the past month, apparently from someone's estate. Most are selling between $5 and $10, which is very low but most of the dolls are missing something. I hadn't seen this fairy doll before and fell in love immediately so I bought it.

Her head is in good shape, might need a light wash but nothing significant.

These are petals on her feet. They look a bit limp so I'll probably remove them. I'd like to remake her entire outfit at some point. The wings no longer have the velcro that attaches to the velcro on the back of her clothing.They were just taped on. LOL!

I always have to check out their undies and make sure nothing is ripped, no stuffing falling out or joints out of place.

Here's one I've been watching for quite awhile. She was marked down to $5 since the last time I saw her. Clearly she is missing numerous accessories. I haven't found the original online yet, but I suspect she had a mirror in one hand and a brush in the other. Her legs are bent so she has to sit.

Close up of the embroidered bodice. I think this is a dressing robe but I suppose it could be a dress. She is wearing a white fur capelet too.

And HER undies. So did she have slippers on at one time?

I really don't understand why most of the dolls at this place were stripped of their accessories. Were they played with? This second one has more places to clean up. Her fingernails have a hint of nail polish and I would expect a new doll would have painted nails.

Quite the mystery but it will be fun to renew them somehow! If anyone knows where I could find more info about either of these dolls, please email me!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I actually do a lot more Thrifting than ever finds its way here. I happen to have a bit of spare time so I'm adding the latest!

This is currently sitting on the fireplace mantle. I think it's meant to hold Christmas cards or photos but I'm thinking of doing something different. Maybe put tatted medallions in the rounds as if they are framed? I don't know yet.

I got this etched glass pitcher cheap! I've taken all the prices off and don't remember but I'm sure it was under $1.00. Very nice for cut flowers or some scented oil reeds.

This was only 50¢ and I mostly wanted the unusually shaped beads.

Love this little bag, probably a vintage jewelry or lingerie bag.

I love hanging things. I have lots of hanging candle holders even if I don't have them hanging anywhere yet. This bird looks like it would hold a small votive candle and I would hang it outside if I had a nice patio or gazebo. I can always dream!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I keep forgetting to photograph my goodies and post them here!

I got this today at a local thrift store. It was $2 and I got a 15% senior discount too. The gold spoon is metal. It says stainless on the back so I'm thinking it is gold plated but probably not with gold. Beautiful set though.

Earlier this week I stopped at Trader Buck's and ended up getting the rest of this stuff. I love unusually shaped tins or those with an especially nice scene.

This one came with two dozen crocheted and starched snowflakes. They are crocheted in big thread and are probably 4" - 5" diameter. I really didn't want them, though I knit, crochet and tat. I'll find a good home for them though.

Everything I got at this place was $1.00 except this candy dish which was $3.00. It's nice and heavy - nothing on the bottom so I have no idea where it may be from.

I have so many butterfly motifs on so many things that I hesitated to buy this but they're on the inside too! How could I resist?

I love plates with decorative holes in them. Notice the inconsistent pattern and spacing of the holes? I'm guessing this was a reject but there is nothing on the back to identify it.

Here's a closeup of the lovely soft flowers on the plate.

That's it for now. Will try to remember to post on here!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The past few weeks I've been admiring other people's great bargains and bemoaning the fact that I haven't been recording my own! These are some but there are way more!

These hooks were in an old alka seltzer glass tube. I don't think alka seltzer is even sold like that anymore.

These were the prize hooks out of the bunch. The hairpin lace loom was nice too. I have bigger ones but none that small.

This was one of my favorite finds. Only $3.00 but I suspect it should have 6 glasses instead of 5. No matter. It's on my table as a centerpiece right now.

In my last post, many many months ago, I showed this stand. I didn't think it could hold earrings successfully but it has and they are so handy on here!

This was in a tin of sewing supplies. A few years ago, I was looking for a vendor of 3 hole buttons for a project and what I found was way too expensive. A certain shirt manufacturer was known for these unique buttons - but I don't remember who it was. LOL!

I actually bought a couple of different wine glasses at Goodwill one day. Very cheap.

I like to collect small ceramic boxes in unusual shapes. I have a square one, a round one, and this fan shaped one. I probably have a heart one someplace too.

There is so much I haven't recorded! I've been putting many of them on my tatting blog so then I don't get around to posting here. Oh well....hopefully I will show what I do with things once I've repurposed them. I have a great chair that I just need to replace the seat in. A Gossip Bench that needs a little work. A quilt rack that is still in the garage from being spray painted. WhooWhoo! It'll get on here eventually.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bummer - I haven't posted anything in ages. I've made purchases but haven't posted. Holidays were busy and then life got in the way.

I've been using this to hang my earrings on. I was worried that it would tip over easily but it's been 3 months now and everything is good. I meant to take a photo of it with the earrings on it but .... obviously I haven't yet.

And this is holding a plant although it is not yet refinished in something besides chipped off-yellow. LOL!

I've also got a "chair" which I need to replace the seat on. Some plates, tins, gift stuff. Hopefully in a few months I'll be able to start fixing all these things up and displaying, using or gifting them!