Thursday, August 4, 2011

I have not been taking the time to record my great finds and this is only a smidgeon. In fact, I got some stuff today but haven't taken photos yet.

This is a Goodwill find. I thought it was a bit too much since the horn is already broken but I collect these sachets and this is very unusual. I sort of wondered if it was a tree ornament but they usually aren't made to include potpourri. I need to clean it up and I will probably find a way to either round off the horn or completely remove it. I have several others in the usual round or egg shape that I haven't cleaned up for display. Goodwill prices their stuff so badly. Most of it is way overpriced.

But speaking of overpriced, I was in Big Lots this evening, the first time in a long time and everything I saw that I was familiar with at Walmart, cost MORE than Walmart! It's not like they get that great of quality stuff.

I think I got this rabbit doll at Goodwill too. I think it's adorable. I don't know if it has any usefulness - I think it's too hard for a pincushion and it is not all that stable standing. Great inspiration though.

This was a Hobby Lobby "find" a month or so ago. They had a lot of home decor that was 90% off. I absolutely love this! It's hanging on the wall of my non-decorated studio. Hopefully I will get to repaint and rennovate this room within the next year.

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